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Getting Aggressive

The nature of security is rooted in defensive posture and cybersecurity has been treated the same for the last two decades. Federal agencies shouldn’t be waiting around for hackers to test their defenses; they need to be proactive.

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Battlespace: Aloft

As hackers continue to show that anything connected is susceptible to attack – IoT devices, critical infrastructure, cars – many worry about the possibility of hacking an airplane in real time and the catastrophe that could follow.

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Persistent Cyber Training 

As the cyber sector – defense and offense – continues to evolve at a rapid pace, federal and military leaders must ensure their workforce is prepared for whatever comes their way. This means cultivating a continuous, proactive training and education regimen. But not everyone in the enterprise needs to be trained to the same level. 

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Charting a Course

This whitepaper will explore the latest efforts in the military to harden critical systems, notably operational control systems associated with GPS, and how those efforts have the potential to drive security standards in other segments of the military and government community.

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AI Acquisition and the Wisdom of Crowds

In this whitepaper, we explore the current state of play for AI-related acquisition, discuss how it is similar and different from more traditional acquisition programs, and walk through a series of best practices to help the Pentagon move as fast as possible.

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