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Battlespace: Aloft

As hackers continue to show that anything connected is susceptible to attack – IoT devices, critical infrastructure, cars – many worry about the possibility of hacking an airplane in real time and the catastrophe that could follow. 

The FAA and commercial airliners are well aware of the threat and aren’t sitting idly by. Neither are military officials, who are hard at work ensuring their avionics systems are secured against any and all attacks. 

This Fifth Domain editorial whitepaper covers: 

  • The potential threat to avionics, including on-board systems and air traffic control.
  • The unique threat facing military systems and how those lessons might be transferred back to the commercial sector.
  • The efforts underway – from commercial to federal to military – to secure the nation’s air travel infrastructure.
  • The critical tools (contracting), legislation and law enforcement support needed to prevent catastrophic attacks.

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