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Persistent Cyber Training 

As the cyber sector – defense and offense – continues to evolve at a rapid pace, federal and military leaders must ensure their workforce is prepared for whatever comes their way. This means cultivating a continuous, proactive training and education regimen. But not everyone in the enterprise needs to be trained to the same level. 

This editorial white paper will look at how managers across government and the military are meeting the training and education needs of their workforce, including:

How the Army’s Persistent Cyber Training Environment and similar initiatives are refining and redefining how to train a workforce.

The right level of training and education for different parts of the workforce, from general employees to IT personnel to high-end cyber specialists.

The current and emerging training options – from internal phishing emails to regular quizzes and training modules to large-scale training events – available to federal managers and which avenues work best for different types of learners.

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